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Saints Row The Third is the third and most recent installment of the hugely popular video game released in 2011. It follows the previous Saints Row 2, released in 2008, which was also a massive hit amongst video game fans. Saints row 3 is available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox – proving equally popular with users of both consoles.

Saints Row The Third can be described as an action-adventure fictional world video game. As with the previous titles it is set in t fictional city of Steelport and the user controls the leader of the Third Street Saints gang and the story centres around the urban warfare associated with the Steelport gangs. The player of the game has the ability to control the Third Street Saints leader and can roam through the city completing missions and hence progressing through the various levels of the game.  While completing the main story the user is able to earn money through various side missions.

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What is really great about Saints Row 3 and which set it apart from so many other similar console games out there is the brilliant atmospheric open world which is created for the users pleasure to explore and enjoy. In many respects it is similar to GTA where the user is provided with a ton of cool toys and endless opportunities simply just to have fun. From punching passers-by in the street and watching their heads explode into a bloody mess to carjacking and prostitution.

You don’ need to worry if you haven’t played the previous Saint Row games as Saints Row 3 does not require any previous knowledge or anything like that. The player can just jump straight into the game play and start having fun! The user will get a sense of ‘anything goes’ while playing Saints Row 3 and while some of the missions and storyline may be somewhat outrageous the game succeeds in providing immense fun in a chaotic sort of way. It succeeds in breeding excitement from mayhem and violence.  The user is liberated and given the freedom to explore the atmospheric open world while partaking in the ongoing feuds between the rival gangs.

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The creators of Saints Row The Third have really thought of everything to make this the most enjoyable gaming experience possible. The user is given the power to create their character with customizations ranging from what they wear and look like to the way they speak. Another striking feature of this game is the breath taking array of weapons, vehicles and other little accessories which are made available along the way. You can find yourself scanning the city from above in a helicopter armed with a rocket launcher ready to unleash your assault. There really seems to be no limitations and noting is impossible with Saints Row 3.

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